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Forest Road


Putting together this trip requires loads of research and the occasional fall down the rabbit hole.  As we summarize our findings and create tools to help us make our decisions, we will share them here.  We will aim to cover the logistical aspects of a nomad life such as becoming digital nomads, travelling for an extended trip on the road and approaches to education on the road for the children. 

Remember that we are not lawyers, educators or accountants.  We are just regular folks sharing our own planning tools with you for inspiration.   Any tool shared here should be validated on your end to make sure that it fits your context and personal situation.  

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Questions to Start Planning 

As we launch Nomad Life and start to wrap our brains around this endeavor, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  In an effort to be strategic about our lines of research and action, we put together a list of topics and questions to address the logistics of this project. This is the list we are using to kick start the planning process.

Options for Renting Your Property

There are options for renting your house or condominium while you are away.  Renting your property can provide a source of income to support your travels.  

To help us make our decision on whether we are open to having renters in our home, we put together this list of options with pros and cons. 

Colourful Terraced Houses
Caravan in the Desert

Crossing the Darien Gap

If you are considering travelling by RV to South America, the safest method is to put your RV on a commercial shipping boat and to fly yourself over to meet your RV.  Sounds simple enough.  However, there are a number of considerations before making this decision.  We put pen to paper and listed some of these considerations to kickstart your thinkning.

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