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We are Patrick, Stephanie, Chris and Francis: a regular family who have towed the line to meet society's expectations.  We have a crazy dream to become digital nomads and hit the road for an extended family roadtrip across North and Central America.  It has taken almost two years to plan this trip and we area nearing our launch date.  We invite you along with us as we build this dream, brick by brick.  

Our Story

We are a regular family.  We worked hard to be successful at our jobs and in school.  We have solid careers in the public service, a lovely house in the country, two cars and a pop-up camper.  Our sons practice karate and gymnastics and have been named student of the year for their achievements.

All in all, things have worked out well for us.  


Before COVID, life was go,go,go.  With high pressure jobs, kids in private school and sports practices multiple times a week, the moments to rest were rare.  Weekends did not offer much respite with more sports practices and endless errands to run.  We had a few weeks off during the summer as vacation but part of that time was usually spent on house maintenance and yard work to ensure the upkeep of our one acre lot in the country.  On any typical day, we spent more time at the office and at school than we did at home.  We saw colleagues and teachers more than each other. We did errands and homework more than play and relax.

But then, COVID forced us to stop.  It gave us time to be together and slow down.  We played board games and went for bike rides.  We went camping and swam in our pool under the stars.  We laughed and talked and fell in love with our family all over again. 


We decided to review our priorities.  We could spend more time trying to get promotions and medals, or we could step out of the rat race. By stepping away, we put family back at the center of our lives. 


We are now a regular family with a BIG dream.  We have become digital nomads who are able to work from anywhere so that we can travel as long as we want across North and Central America.  Join us as we dream this project into life... the NOMAD LIFE !  #NomadLife2023

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