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Moving from normal to nomad, everyday.


2020 and 2021 were surreal.  Although COVID was horrible on many levels, it did something sneaky for our family: it gave us time. The closure of schools, workplaces and businesses forced us to slow down and cocoon at home. All of a sudden, we had time. So much time. With those days to fill, there was an opportunity to rediscover ourselves as a family.


This extra time was a revelation of an untold truth that society had been trying to keep from us: being together was fun and easy.  As normal life started peaking its nose around the corner, we craved more time to be together!  This gave us an idea... 

How about we step off the hamster wheel to try to become masters of our time?  How about we give ourselves permission to not let life swallow us up whole?  How about we strive for more than a mortgage, a promotion and a couple of nice cars?

Then it hit us... we want to live a nomad life!  A life where we are free to spend our time in ways that align with our values; where we work in ways that fulfil us and play in ways that connect us.


We are at the starting line of this nomad life journey, want to come with us?

Nomad Life ?                  

Caravan in the Desert

Why are we doing this?

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Nomad Life is an idea.  A family project that we are starting from scratch. We read about families who live alternative lifestyles in nontraditional ways. What happened in their lives to get there?


We are at the beginning of our nomad journey.  The objective is to one day hit the road and travel for long periods of time, but we need to plan to get there.  To make Nomad Life happen, there are many elements to think about.  From becoming digital nomads able to work on the road, to the kids' education while travelling to buying an RV, we will take you along with us.  

You can learn from our successes and mistakes or be entertained as we fumble our way through.  You can offer advice and suggestions for our project or be inspired by it and create one yourself.  You can dream with us as we work to make this crazy little Nomad Life come true. 

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