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We did it!

Nomad Life hits its first major milestone.

A month ago, we hopped into our car and left the house with a specific destination in mind. We had a plan of where we were going and why. Our hearts were filled with excitement and trepidation. The kids were thrilled and the parents were nervous. It’s difficult to explain just how big this moment felt for us. You see, a month ago, we left the house regular folks and came back as RV owners!

We did it! We purchased our Class C RV and took the first major step of this crazy little project called Nomad Life. After several months of looking for the right vehicle that meets our needs, we found it. We invested our hard-earned dollars in a little square box house with wheels.

It’s crazy to imagine that this is the vehicle that will carry our bodies across two continents and several countries; this is the space where we will laugh and live in close (I mean, real CLOSE) quarters; these are the wheels that will bring us to explore new sights, sounds and savours.

We are spending the summer practicing the RV life. We jump in it every chance we get and go explore our surroundings. We’ve already done the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation thing by arriving in our family’s driveway and asking if we can hook-up to their electricity for a few days. (They said yes. Phew!) We’ve taken an impromptu weekend trip to the States and boondocked for the first time. We’ve camped for the weekend in a nearby national park. We are learning about black water and grey water; about the best places to get fueled up or to stock up on propane; about the fun of taking beautiful backroads to get where we are going.

Having our RV in the yard is special. It makes our Nomad Life project so much more real. As we plan our departure next summer, we can’t believe how lucky we are to be able to make this adventure come true and to be able to do it together. It’s also quite nerve-wracking to know that we are that much closer to jumping into the unknown.

There are moments of doubt where we wonder if this project is too crazy for us. The doubt lets the fear-based questions creep in: what if something happens on our trip? an accident? an illness? a robbery? When that happens, we return to our basic premise of wanting to do this adventure as a family to connect with each other and build memories. We return to the trust that we have in ourselves as capable individuals who make sound decisions. We return to our dream of exploring the American continents and doing something meaningful and big because we are lucky enough to be able to.

We have our summer vacation planned camping in north east Quebec and driving back as slowly as possible to stop wherever we feel the wind take us.

Doing our first vacation in our home province is reassuring and it comforts us in the knowledge that as we embark to explore the world, we will start by exploring our own expansive backyard.

As we embrace our nomad life, we honour the importance of roots. We acknowledge that who we are is in large part the result of where we came from. Because home is the key and no matter where we travel over the next few years, home is where we will always come back to.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jul 18, 2022

Hey, as the family that said it is okay to use our driveway, really glad you didn’t do like cousin Ed in Christmas Vacation and empty the black water in the sewer! 😂

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