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Renegades of Routine

I was waiting to enter my "retirement" phase before writing about our "Nomad Life 2023" trip. However, we will be leaving in a little more than four months and the call to write has been growing louder as has the desire of liberating myself from the routine that provides me with a false sense of normalcy, security and value.

Even if I have been invested since the beginning in the preparation of our trip, I have had a mental blockage - a terrible blind spot - which prevented me from writing. This blockage was, namely, a professional career of which I am very proud but which I am leaving behind soon. This career almost killed me and cut me off from my family, but as ridiculous as it may seem, I had to mourn this career. I believe that this grieving is now done. I come from a modest and dysfunctional family background. I built myself – piece by piece - through determination, effort and resilience. I persevered to always give more of myself at the professional level and I did this everyday. On a daily basis, I felt like I was going into battle in my workplace world and I was never sure if I would come back. These were tough times for someone like me who often felt like an impostor!

I also had a latent frustration that I had fallen seriously ill from giving it all to work and my sacrifice went almost unnoticed. Of course, I am not the center of the world and I know that colleagues, distant family, friends and acquaintances have other things to worry about than my existence. However, I expected more complicity and consideration from others. But, no, the world did not stop. I felt like people were stepping over the me as I knelt down because they were in a hurry to continue their own lives, their own routine.

A heart attack not only tears you apart literally and figuratively, it makes you obsolete.

Overnight, you are nothing. Strangely enough, apart from my close family, my spouse and my children, with one notable exception, I faced a painful silence. Maybe others didn't believe the seriousness of what I was going through. Whatever the reason, I emerged from this period with the realization that there is no one to blame for the silence. I understand the reality of life as imperfect as it is. On the other hand, the reality of life is that routine is a form of cancer that anesthetizes, paralyzes, dehumanizes and atrophies human relationships.

Hence you are reading my post today, my first one, about that damn routine that nearly got the end of me. In the end, when we turn off the lights and leave this world, and apart from the obvious that we say to convince ourselves of what will or will not remain, the truth is that that we will not be remembered by and for our social status or accomplishments. The fact remains that life is governed by this rhythm of the so-called civilized world, the 9-to-5 labyrinth which never ends. It has served me well and even if we will be on the road for a year, we will likely not be able to escape from its grip forever.

On the other hand, I want to say goodbye to routine for a while, to leave it behind. To stop torturing myself to meet its demands. When we look beyond the façade of routine - that filter of regularity - an intoxicating feeling arises because adventure is once again possible even if it is accompanied by fear of the unknown. Suddenly, the security of the known disappears and one begins to doubt one's ability to abandon the ritual governing one's life.

For Stephanie and I, we want to pass on to our children the fruits of a good education but also that they need not fear difference nor others and that openness to other cultures, ethnicities and languages will make them better human beings.

We want our children to fully embrace their world citizenship.

We don't want to live in boxes. Stability and routine are necessary when raising children but we have decided that it is time to shake up their (our) daily lives. The twilight of our lives will come soon enough, but in the meantime, we're putting our foot down and getting ready to dive into a more malleable and spicier episode of our lives.

We are joining the ranks, for one year (or more? who knows!), of those who refute the religion of routine and reject the legions of lukewarmness. We will become the renegades of routine!

P.S. To get into the swing of things on musical and social fronts, just listen to the song "Renegades of Funk" by Rage Against the Machine.

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