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How It All Began

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Curious to know how the idea for Nomad Life took hold of Patrick and Stephanie? Read on!

Life as it Was

It has been a few months since the idea of this project has taken hold of us. We have talked about it through the years but only sporadically, usually after a few glasses of wine on a Saturday night when we were unwinding from the endless list of to-dos that filled the week that we were putting to bed. After the karate classes and gymnastics trainings for the kids, the early morning presentations to senior officials at work, the lunches, the breakfasts, the homework, the reports to read, the drop-offs and pick-ups, the memos to write, the laundry, the orthodontist appointments, the grocery runs, the pop-up birthday party invitations, the networking, the parent-teacher conferences. After all that, exhausted on the couch we would drink our wine and have a dream about leaving it all behind, asking ourselves why we were on the interminable hamster wheel. Monday would sashay into our bedroom, steady as clockwork, we would take a deep breath and start it all over again, week after week after week.

Life as it Became

Then COVID happened. COVID was horrible on so many levels and it hurt to see so much death and sickness around us. Everywhere we looked, our community was in crisis mode and it was stressful. But COVID did something sneaky for my little pod and I: it gave us time. All of a sudden, the schools and businesses were closed and workplaces were shut down. We rarely ventured out and we cocooned as much as we could on our little one-acre lot in Quebec. We had time. SO MUCH time. With those hours and days, there was an opportunity to rediscover ourselves as a family. We had never spent so much time playing board games and cooking and being together. Overnight, life got seriously simple. There was nowhere to go, not much to buy, and days to fill.

For us, being together day in and day out was like a revelation of some untold truth that society had been trying to keep from us: being together was fun and easy. Being with our sons with time to talk and play felt wholesome, fulfilling, solid and real. It felt like eating a fantastic salad when you’ve been eating way too many greasy burgers and french fries. It felt right to be together and to laugh, to be silly and to go slow. It seemed as though we should have been doing this all along and we started to wonder how we ever withstood the endless hamster wheel running that led to nowhere. Sure, we had a bank account that made us feel successful, but successful at what? At producing deliverables for our bosses? At getting another promotion at work? At buying more things? More toys? More stuff?

It occurred to us, slowly at first, and then more urgently, that we needed to redefine what success is for us. We want success to be about how valued our boys feel and about how much of the world we can discover together. Success is hitting the pause button on this hamster wheel life to remember who we are as individuals and as a family. Success is about resetting our priorities and taking calculated risks.

In the end, success is about being happy. And right now, faced with the return to normalcy which the end of COVID promises, success is about not returning to the way things used to be. It is about more family, more time, more adventure.

Life is it Will Be

So we started dreaming about stepping off the hamster wheel and taking back control of our lives and our precious time. We started musing about things like retiring from the public service, becoming digital nomads and reducing our focus on money. We started dreaming about swapping in our old pop-up camper to buy an RV to explore North and South America. This is when the Nomad Life bug bit us for the first time.

Living a nomad life is no small task. We have lots of logistics to plan including launching our consultant businesses to gain work flexibility and actually buying an RV! At first, we wanted to make a major trip next year but we soon realized that we would need the time and the money to do this safely so we plan to set ourselves up to be able to travel somewhere in 2023. Let the countdown begin!

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Andree Doucet
Andree Doucet
19 ene 2022

Wow. Quelle belle aventure pour votre famille. Hâte de suivre votre cheminement.

Me gusta
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