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It’s Not Always Perfect

And that's OK.

If you follow us on our Twitter feed, you will have seen some incredible pictures of our travels so far - like this one from the coast of Gaspésie (sidebar: I need to start a postcard business with all these gorgeous pics!). We have spent the summer exploring our belle province and even going out of country for a weekend getaway. We have travelled to picturesque beaches, seen breathtaking sunsets and taken hikes on meandering trails. Life has been slow and consistent in reminding us of the beauty that exists right around us in our own expansive backyard.

Having our RV has also allowed us to reconnect with friends and family, especially after the desertic pandemic years of isolation and physical distancing. We have never had such a busy social calendar as we happily travelling to attend family parties and BBQs with friends. We look for excuses to go visit folks and are grateful for their warm welcome every time. We have never spent so much time outside - exploring, eating and playing in and around our recreational vehicle. All in all, we have spent many hours (and several litres of expensive fuel) on the road travelling in what we lovingly call our little box on wheels.

With this travel comes many opportunities for stunning pictures. A new angle on our nightly evening campfires or a quick pic of one of our sons in a sporadic moment of calm and contemplation. We promptly post these pictures up on our Twitter feed as testimony of the new life we have chosen to embrace; our Nomad Life. A little editing here, a tiny touch-up there and we post our nomad adventures of everyday living.

But it’s not always perfect. In fact, it is rarely so.

What the pictures don’t show are the glitches that occur while travelling in the nomad wheely box. As a used RV, it comes with its wear and tear. And as a travelling family with lively boys who aren’t always as gentle as they should be, things break.

There was that time that we heard one of the hubcaps unsnap as we were riding down some unforgiving country roads. We watched it in our side mirror as it rolled away from us in the distance and crossed the road to land far-off in a ditch. Not wanting to have to buy another expensive hubcap, we spent 45 gruelling minutes wading through deep ditches in scorching heat looking for a glimmer of steal amongst the tall grass. We found it.

There was the other time when the boys kicked a drawer close and broke the latch which keeps it

secure during travel so that now we have to tie it with a complicated system of elastics every time we ride. We need to fix that. There was the time we woke up and saw one of the tires deflated and feared that we were victims of a slow leak. We googled and fiddled and figured out that it was a broken air valve, probably cracked when we installed the hubcap that had tried to get away. We figured that out.

In this way, things break and falter. And so do people. Kids bicker, parents get upset, spouses become frustrated or hurt. We don’t post pictures of those moments either.

We have come to understand that these challenges are also opportunities to teach our sons how to face hurdles and figure out solutions. These teaching moments give lessons in teamwork, perseverance, problem-solving and communication. These are lessons that we may not always have had the time to share with them as we were too busy meeting deadlines and getting from one activity to another. Today, we try to include them in the challenges that we face so that they can see how to address them.

And as for the bickering, well we try to remember that we are all on the same team. We try to recall that we all get tired and stressed and that we are all deserving of some humility and forgiveness at one point or another. This is another important lesson for our boys. So it is not always perfect, despite the gorgeous pictures. But it reassures us to remember that life is not meant to be perfect.

Life is meant to have its share of bumps through which we work together and succeed.

The impetus behind our Nomad Life is to reconnect as a family after a life of 9-to-5 marathoning. What better way to do that than to take on the challenges that road life throws at us and to take them on together? Family doesn’t always mean that we are perfect – it means that we love each other when we are not. In the end, not perfect is just perfect for our Nomad Life. (sidebar 2: I also need to start a t-shirt business with all these philosophical one-liners!)

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