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3 Reasons to Go from Normal to Nomad

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

What is the impetus behind Nomad Life? Here are the main reasons behind this crazy dream.

The Rate Race

If you are a little familiar with this web site, you know that there has been a rumbling desire in the pit of our stomachs over the past few months. It is insistent with questions. It asks us why and what for. Why is it that we are doing the rat race with its mantra of work, sports, school, meetings, homework, presentations - rinse and repeat?

Maybe there was a time when the rat race was a challenge and a goal in and of itself. There was a time when we wanted to prove that we could climb the corporate ladder and have a family at the same time. Maybe there was a time when we were excited by the promotions and the medals that our sons won at tournaments. It is entirely valid to aim for those things. But for us, as we hit the mid-life point, the excitement of those goals has waned.

These days, we long for More. Not a weekend or a two-week vacation of More. Not an expensive or fashionable More. Rtaher, we long for a real and sustained More. A More defined by the quality of its connections and the depth of its content. A More that takes us out of this rat race and puts us on the road of flexibility and freedom. An abundance of More.

There are three main reasons why we long to go from normal to nomad.

1 - To See What is Out There

There is so much beauty out there! We long to discover the world and to expose ourselves and our family pod to things that we are not familiar with. Truth be told, as North Americans we live in an insular world. The walls of our lives are made of bubble wrap. Every time we open the tv, switch on the iPad or listen to music, we see people like us living lives like ours. Nothing challenges us nor questions our way of being.

We want to see what is out there and to get our family out of its comfort zone. We want to taste new foods, hear new sounds and see new sights. We need to be exposed to different ways of doing things, to slow down and learn about life in a context that I am unfamiliar with. We want to prove to ourselves that we can travel the path less chosen. We long to see what is out there, beyond the frontiers of this middle-class western planet that we inhabit.

2 - To Give Our Kids Permission

We want to do things differently to give our sons the permission to not let life swallow them up whole; to live fully for more than a mortgage and a nice car. We want to provide the boys with an example of grabbing life by the proverbial balls and to show them that adventure is permissible and possible. Up to know, we have shown them how to play by the rules and colour between the lines.

We want to give them the permission to take risks, to explore and to make crazy memories with those they love. We were never given that permission and were always told that safety and rationality were the only available options. We bought into that and it paid off for us. Towing the line rewarded us amply in terms of security and societal recognition. But we need to show our sons that there is another choice. We need to find that option and give it to them so that it is in their toolbox when they grow older.

3 - To Taste Freedom

We have always lived by the strict dictatorship of the clock and calendar. We have respected the rules of the rat race to know when to sit at a desk and when to spend time with loved ones; when to be away from home and when to return to it. We have never questioned the fact that we see colleagues more than each other; that the kids’ teachers spend more time with them than we ever could; or that we see our office more than our own kitchen. We want to be free of the confines of schedules and routine. We want to have more control over our time so that we can spend with the people that we love. We want to have quality time with them and learn who they are. We want to decide where we go on any given day and be free to change our minds. We want to reconnect with our most precious humans in a way that feels natural and less confined.

These are the main drivers as we plan our move from normal to nomad. As we work on shaping what this new life will look like, we will be driven by a real and sustained More that will allow our family to remember who we are as individuals and as a connected unit. Three reasons to step out of the rat race. Three reasons to live fully. What are yours?

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