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Fear or regret?

Thoughts on Pivoting my Career

I am in the midst of transitioning from normal to nomad; from executive in a large organisation to consultant entrepreneur; from career-oriented to life-focused. This process means letting go of so many things. It means slipping out of the golden handcuffs which a permanent job in a large organization represented to jumping into the unknown of entrepreneurship. As I pivot away from the only job that I have ever held over the past 20 years, I am excited but scared.

I am scared to not be able to make it as a consultant and digital nomad; fearful of not being enough to support my family; afraid to fail. I wrestle with questions for which I don’t have all the answers right now.

And then I realize that I am at a turning point, faced with a choice in how I move forward : with fear or with regret. I can choose to be guided by fear and make decisions as I always have, based on the fear of the unknown. Fear has kept me safe and successful to date. I cannot complain with where I have landed: good career, nice house, solid family. Those are all beautiful facets of a life well-lived to date.

However, fear has also taken things from me, so I have regrets. I have not seen much of the world or lived many adventures. I have regrets for all the moments which I did not spend with my family while I was at meetings and working late. I live with the regret of the journeys that I never took, of the people I did not connect with and the discoveries I never made

FEAR OR REGRET. Here I am, faced with the weight of the former and the shadow of the latter. As I write these words, when the idea of Nomad Life is still nascent, I feel the regret of my past fears and the fear of future regrets. One is heavier.

The fear is what I have done so many times before, it seems stale and unexciting. It feels like I have done it enough to not need to rely on it so much at this point in my life. In this next chapter of my life, I want to have control over my time.

I long to have time and control over my days. I need to see more of the world with my family. I want to provide my boys with an example of grabbing life by the proverbial balls and show them that when we work hard, we can trust ourselves to succeed and that adventure is permissible and possible. I want to give them the permission to take risks, to explore and to make crazy memories with those we love.

As we like to remind ourselves in our house: life allows us only one roller coaster ride. What kind of ride do I want? I want one that is not directed by fear and that does not lead me straight towards future regrets. Now, I choose family and time; adventure and freedom; mindfulness and meaning. I have understood that a Nomad Life has has little patience for fear.

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