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Doing March Break, Nomad Life Style

We are doing things differently this year, inspired by our Nomad Life objectives.

This year, we are doing a family March break inspired by our new Nomad Life approach. As we watch folks around us use the week-long break to get on planes to go down south for some beach time or head out west to hit the ski slopes, we are doing things differently. We are doing things differently not because we are judging others or because we think our way is better. We are doing things differently because we are at a point in our lives where we crave to simplify our lives and choose to do things deliberately.

What does our Nomad Life March Break mean? It means more time to play, more time to connect, more time to be in nature and more time to move. It means having breakfast while playing boardgames; going for long snowshoe walks in the forest; baking delicious chocolate pie while listening to music; winter camping in the beautiful Gatineau Park; having family over for dinners and chats.

Our March Break means taking control of our time to slow it down to minutes and hours so that we can be mindful and present.

Our March Break is about slowing things down to spend time as a family and recognizing how lucky we are to be together. We are being conscious about our days and focusing on each other. We are talking and connecting in a way that is only possible when there is nothing to divert our attention.

We are simplifying our lives to remember the importance of each other. We are investing in the present to create memories that are not flashy and fancy; but that are genuine and real.

In all honesty, it is not always easy for our kids to understand what we are doing when they see their friends getting on planes and boasting about their luxurious vacations. Voluntary simplicity is not something that comes naturally to children who are constantly bombarded by publicity and social media’s push for instagrammable moments. But we explain to them the essence of our social experiment and the impetus behind our desire to simplify. We describe the value of the time that we are creating for them; a value that cannot be counted in dollars.

This Nomad Life March Break is an investment in us, for them. It is the stuff that lasting memories are made of.

And we trust that when they are older and we are gone, they will look back on this period and smile for the times where we were together and remember the moments that we shared and created out of nothing. Most of all, they will know that we did it all for them, that we love them more than anything, and that in a world where what is prized are fancy things and luxurious trips – we chose our family above all else.

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