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The Excitement of a First Step

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

There are moments in life which beg us to pause and give them attention because we can always revel in new beginnings

Our Planning Station

It is crazy how past mid-life, we can still feel those little butterflies in our stomach from taking a first step into a new project. I am grateful to feel the twinge of nerves at starting something that could fail. The difference between young me and older me is that the possibility of failure is no longer paralysing. I am confident enough to give myself the permission to try and the compassion to forgive if I fail.

This is the essence of our mindset right now. One of the important elements of our Nomad Life is that we eventually want to travel for extended periods of time. As one of the first steps for this, we set up a trip planning station. We carefully customised large scale maps of North and South America and had them printed for ease of planning. Also, we purchased a detailed Road Atlas and a journal to jot down our ideas and questions. The desk is set up in just the right spot to inspire quiet and calm.

Nomad Life is what we are dreaming up from scratch. It is the adventure which we never allowed ourselves to have. It is a gift to our children to show them how to live freely. It is sustenance for our relationship as we rediscover each other through this enterprise. It is our walk away from normal life to something more.

As we explore the travel pillar of our Nomad Life, we are relishing the thrill of reading about new places and cultures. It is exciting to explore a whole community of like-minded nomadic spirits. There are vast expanses of land to visit and things to learn.

But let's be completely honest, here. All this is accompanied by a sense of being overwhelmed. We are not quite sure how to manage this huge project. Starting from a place of novice knowledge, there is so much to learn that we easily jump from one topic to another without much progression. So we are being patient with ourselves and choosing to trust that we can make this happen. In fact, we are making this happen. We have moved from thinking to doing; from dreaming to saying; from inaction to action.

This first step is our chance to revel in a new beginning. As we get older, there are fewer and fewer “first times” to look forward to. First job was long ago, first house is done, first child is now grown up. We have to make an effort to find our new beginnings to stay excited about our lives. Nomad Life is our new beginning. What is yours?

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