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Answers to your questions...

By Francis, aka Franco, Frank or Mr. Tank

On this page I'm going to publish the answers to the questions that I received from the "ask Francis" post from a couple weeks ago.

If you have questions for the next blog, send them to :

Question 1

Hello Francis,

Have you had a chance to try geocaching? And if so, can you tell me if you liked it and why?

It would be great to read your answer on your Facebook profile and enjoy explaining what geocaching is to people who are going to read it.

Me, geocaching in Shodack Island State Park

Answer: Congratulations! You're the first person to ask me a question through this blog. Yes, I was able to find a few geocaches at Schodack Island State Park campground in New York State. I loved the feeling of finding something hidden and the ingenuity of the hiding places. I'm pleasantly surprised by the popularity of geocaches. I can't wait to find more at future campsites.

However, I don't have a personal Facebook page ....



Question 2

Hello Francis! I hope everything is going well for you and your family. Here are a few questions for your column :

  • What do you like best about your trip?

  • What are your expectations of this trip?

  • Have you been able to practice your English and Spanish on the road?

Have a nice day!

Answer: I love your enthusiasm for our trip!

 1. What I love the most since the beginning of my trip is that we connect a lot as a family. Shared activities and experiences or just talking to each other when we're driving. For example, when we went to visit the Gettysburg battlefields, and learned about the history of this defining battle in the American Civil War.

2. My expectations of this trip... hhhmm. I think this trip will be fraught with mechanical and technical problems. These will only slow us down, but we'll persevere. It will also be filled with educational and exciting activities for children and adults.

3. So far, I've only had a chance to practice my English, but we're fast approaching Central America, so there are plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish ahead.

And good day to you.


We visited the city of Gettysburg, PA. Impressive!

Question 3


Here's my question for your column. During the long periods on the road, what do you and your family do to keep busy? Also, we'd love to know how you're feeling now that you've started this great adventure!

Answer: Wonderful question! A little background to begin The RV is divided in two. My mom and dad are up front in the driver and passenger seats. Christophe and I are in the back sitting on the dinette so we have to occupy ourselves separately when the vehicle is in motion on the road. During the journey, our main activities are playing video games, listening to music, drawing and soon we will be doing our homework! So as not to spend too much time on the road, my father and mother often prepare things to visit between stops.

Hope to see you soon,

Mr. Tank

Question 4

Hi Francis, I have a question for you; I'd like to know what you like so far about your adventure and what you like less?

Answer: What an interesting question! Because of our nomadic lifestyle, I've noticed how some basic things can be so complicated and demanding in an RV. For example, driving for several hours or preparing a meal for four with limited ingredients. All these things I've learned to appreciate. There aren't many things I don't like about RVing, but there's one that comes to mind. Since the RV doesn't have a very good suspension, when we ride it shakes a lot and this can become tiring after long hours on the road.



Becoming a professional pool player!

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