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Acknowledging Nostalgia

What I will Miss During our Nomad Life

As we prepare for the launch of our trip, we are focused on the preparation for our year on the road. We are modifying the RV, buying insurance, planning school curriculum, drawing out an itinerary. We are selling our cars, renting our house, making campground reservations, getting vaccinated. In fact, Patrick has written a lengthy blog about all the steps that we have taken to date and it is an impressive inventory.

There are so many things to keep us busy and to keep us dreaming of the adventure to come. But every once in a while, my mind turns to what I will miss while we are away. Despite my excitement for the amazing journey that lies ahead, I am occasionally wistful of the things – both little and big – that I will crave while we are travelling. What will I miss?


I will not miss winter. But I will miss the excitement of the first bubbling of spring as we stumble out of the somnolence of our national winter slumber. That grateful feeling for the warmth of the sun on my face as I walk on a fresh spring morning. The awe-inspiring colours of the fall and the wonder that I feel every year when the golds, oranges and reds fill the trees. The excitement of the first dip in the pool as June settles in and the first day of school as September arrives.


I will not miss routine. But I will miss the rituals of celebrations that mark the moving of time through the months. The anticipation of Halloween and the preparation of costumes. The pleasure of organizing an easter treasure hunt despite my sons’ new refusal to believe in the Easter Bunny. The Christmas baking and decorating that starts in November to be sure to be ready for the holidays. I am a sucker for the holidays. I mean: tourtières and Christmas trees. Enough Said.


I will not miss chores of house maintenance. But I will miss the comfort – both literal and figurative – that my home brings to me. The soft bliss of a late evening bath with bubbles and wine at the end of a tiring day. The soothing of Friday movie nights by the fireplace with my family close to me on the couch. The peace of a hot cup of coffee on a Saturday morning sitting on the gazebo looking out at the trees. I love my home, both the way it is built with its post and beam natural beauty and the way it feels as a safe haven to rest and recharge. I am lucky to have found a home that fits me so perfectly.

And of course, I will miss the people. I will miss seeing my oldest son as often as I would like – to see with my own eyes that he is healthy and thriving as I cook his favorite meal for him when he visits. I will miss the conviviality of family parties filled with music, games and laughter. I will miss visits with my best friend; visits that are so essential to allow me to feel connected to her and to the me that I was growing up beside her in my youth.

This is the nostalgia which I anticipate. I am sure that it will be well compensated by the tonnes of new memories which we will make along the road from Canada to Panama. There will be so much to discover and learn, to fix and solve, to engage with and visit. We will be busy for sure.

However, I know that every once in a while, wistfulness will stick its little nose around the corner to peek at me and giggle. If I am wise enough, we will giggle together, joyful in the knowledge of what a privilege it is to be able to partake in this Nomad Life and in knowing that I will be able to go home again.

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