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260 Days

The countdown begins...

After reaching important milestones in our Nomad Life – namely buying the RV and spending all summer on the road as a test run – we have reached another important milestone: picking our departure date. According to our careful planning, we set the launch date for July 10, 2023. Why this precise date? It has to do with the logistics of long-term travel and the constraints of maintaining our residency in the province. If we want to maintain our health insurance and have valid vehicle registrations, for example, we cannot leave the province for more than 6 months in a calendar year. So we are leaving on July 10th to meet this requirement; being out-of-province for 6 months in each calendar year for 2023 and 2024.

As I am writing this, the countdown begins. We are leaving in exactly 260 days. Writing those words feels surreal. At this time last year, we were dreaming of the Nomad Life and thinking how crazy it would be to go on a family adventure for so long and so far. It took us several months before we actually told anybody. We felt that people would judge us if we ended up changing our minds.

So we kept it on the low-down for a long time. We discussed the project’s viability as a family and for a while, every conversation inevitably ended with the words: “Are we really going to do this? It was meant as a rhetorical question. And mostly it was. But in part, in the back of our minds, we were asking the question with genuine sincerity. Are we REALLY going to do this? Is it something that we are capable of doing? Do we have the cajones to do it?

The answer came the day that we went from dream to action when we signed the cheque for the RV and drove it home. We had taken the extra step and put a significant chunk of our savings into a house on wheels. It was ours but even then, we kept an open mind. We committed to trying the RV life all summer and if, at the end of the season, we did not feel safe, ready and excited for the Nomad Life, then we would pull the plug on the project.

We spent the summer camping and boondocking. We visited family and stayed in their driveways as we laughed into the night drinking wine and connecting; we found incredible spots to spend the night and fell asleep listening to the sound of waves and wind; we also camped in sites that felt like RV parking lots and wondered what the heck we were doing there. Our RV did us good, despite some mechanical issues. Our kids did us proud, despite having to push them to put down their iPads to go explore. In the end, we concluded that we were committed to making the Nomad Life a reality.

So here we are, at the next milestone. With a launch date in site, now comes the crunch of our planning and preparations. Our itinerary is getting clearer and we have the first four months of our travel in the U.S. well-planned. We have figured out the requirements for school on the road. The RV is better equipped for long-term travel. We are working on the second part of the trip which is taking us into Mexico and then Central America. Mr. Nomad Life has submitted his date for retirement from his job and I have my business well underway for being a digital nomad while on the road.

As the date approaches, the Nomad Life is feeling more real than ever. The excitement mounts, but so does a certain level of anxiety. We feel nervous about the decision and wonder if we are taking something on that is too much for us to handle. People still ask us if it is safe to travel in South America and tempt us to question ourselves on the feasibility of this project. For people who have never done anything but tow the line of conformism, this is a giant leap of faith for us.

But our conviction remains that this is the right thing to do for our family.

To counter our moments of anxiety, we decided to give ourselves permission to come back at any time. We are setting our objective – we want to get to Ushuaia, the southern-most point of South America – but if at some point during our trip, we feel unsafe or overwhelmed in a way that is outweighing the benefits of the trip, then we will turn the RV around and come back home. We are building the trip with an escape hatch because the point of this adventure is to challenge ourselves but it is also to thrive and spend quality time with each other. As long as have that as our leitmotiv, we trust that we will make the best decisions for our travelling pod as we venture out into this crazy project that is our little Nomad Life.

260 days until we launch. 260 mornings to feel grateful for this dream coming true. 260 nights to meditate on the faith in ourselves to make it come true. The countdown begins…

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